About Us

From taxation and bookkeeping to accounting and auditing; Lund & Kieck has specialized business units enabling fast, accurate and personalised response to your business requirements. With one eye on legislation we will provide your company all the relevant information required keeping you on the road to success.

Corporate Philosophy

“A strong business foundation enables growth and ensures an ability to adapt to a changing market place.”

L&K will endeavor to truly understand your company and business requirements. Our specialists will provide you with up to date information regarding the management of risk and how to best approach this risk.

Our independence in all facets of the audit makes for a concise and accurate process that keeps you informed of all relevant financial reporting legislative and technical changes, as well as providing the most appropriate advice to maximise the potential of your business.


To positively participate within any industry we are involved in, in order to portray and exemplify the ethics and positive business practices our personal moral obligations dictate.


To grow both the brands of L&K and our partners by providing the quality of service and professional personal advice required.

Company Values:

  • To engage and interact professionally and ethically with our clients and partners
  • To hold above all the growth of all staff members and our community.
  • To grow the L&K brand effectively through positive interchange and experience.

Access to Information: